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How to Stay on Top of Pest Control for Your Lawn

Its March and temperatures are rising. That means that humidity will be rising as well. Humidity and sun equal lawn bugs and other pests. The list of pests includes ticks, spiders, fire ants, and snakes. It also includes mosquitoes. In this article we will suggest some tips for keeping your lawn clear of pests and preventing swarms of mosquitoes this spring and summer.

  1. Keep Yard Clear of Debris – Pests live in, hide under and feed on yard debris. Keep the leaves swept and the mulch in its proper place. Remove old branches and keep those edges trimmed.
  2. Remove Standing Water – Turn over any containers that aren’t being used. These could be a mosquito breeding ground. If you have a bird bath you can buy a low-powered agitator that keeps pests from reproducing in it. Make sure your yard is draining water efficiently.
  3. Bug Repellents – These can be a life saver if you host an outdoor function. Hungry mosquitoes will see you and your guests as a walking lunch buffet if you do not take steps to repel them. There are great all-natural pest sprays on the market. You can also plant natural repellents like Marigolds, Citronella grass, Garlic, Bay Leaves and Rosemary.
  4. Hire a Good Lawn Service – Trained professionals in this business can treat your lawn and really help put the zap on invading pests. Sunstate Pest in Brevard County has been doing this for 40 years. We know how to keep your yard looking beautiful.

Preventing lawn pests will also help prevent indoor pests. They usually make their way in through your yard or hitched on a pet. Treating your pet to help prevent pests is a topic for another blog. Stay tuned.

11 Mar

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