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Pests that Destroy Your Lawn

Soon the rains will begin to fall and restore the brown grass and dry patches all over Florida to a luscious green color. The rain has been very sparse this year here in Brevard County so much so that there were even brush fires in Palm Bay yesterday. But when the rains do return the ground will drink up the  H2O and the lawns will be restored. But this will not happen for every lawn.

Lawns affected by pests can remain brown and patchy. This is because the pests have killed or damaged the living grass and plant life. Lawn pests are a major concern in Florida. The pests that are causing the trouble can be found in this list:

  • Moles
  • Voles
  • Japanese Beetles
  • Grubs
  • Chinch Bugs
  • Mole Crickets

You can try to identify the problem yourself and there are plenty of articles online to help you get to the root cause. Then you must find the treatment and apply it. The third (and possibly most important) factor is staying consistent with your treatment.

At Sunstate Pest we have over 38 years of experience in dealing with lawn pests. We can come to your house or business, identify the problem and customize a treatment solution and schedule.

Treating your lawn can also help prevent or eliminate pests that aren’t damaging the lawn itself but are a nuisance and possibly a hazard to young people and pets. The red fire ant is found in many yards that we examine and should be treated as soon as they are discovered. We can solve problems with ants as well. Give us a call.

05 Apr

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