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lady bug a pest or a friend?

Lady Bugs – Pest or Harmless Bug?

The tiny, multicolored insects known as ladybugs are often seen as a sign of good fortune. Unfortunately, even though ladybugs are harmless, their enormous swarms may be a real pain in the neck if they find their way into your house or garden.  In this post, we will address the benefits and drawbacks of ladybugs […]

28 Mar
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Orange peels for my garden

Using Orange Peels as a Pest Repellant in Your Garden

Most folks who have a small garden will face a pest problem at some point. After all, the delicious vegetables you are growing are delicious to other creatures as well. And those beautiful flowers are like a neon sign for certain bugs. So what can you do to stop these pests? Types of Pests The […]

28 Mar
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Pansy Flower can Be Grown in Melbourne FL

What Flowers Can I Plant in Winter Months in Melbourne Florida?

Winter in Brevard County is very warm compared to most of the continental United States. Its true that we do have cold spells and many plants do suffer during these times. Leaves fall off certain trees and in North Florida it is hard to distinguish where Georgia ends and Florida begins. Down here in Central […]

22 Nov
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Pest Control vs Exterminator

Difference Between Exterminator and Pest Control

The term “exterminator” is one that is widely used and basically means a person or company which specializes in neutralizing pests. You would see the term used a lot more in years past to describe basically any company which handled pest problems. Today, pest control is used to describe a company which will work to […]

23 Mar
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planting veggies in central florida

Vegetable Gardening by Season in Florida

We have a very unique climate here in Florida. It is warm almost the entire year through and that affords us the ability to be able to plant almost anything we want. Florida is well known for our fruit and especially our citrus. But vegetables grow very well here too. There are better times of […]

21 Feb
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Get Pests Under Control

When pests invade your garden and your home, you’re left with potentially large problems on your hands.  Pests eat your plants, can harm your family members and pets and can even destroy your homes.  The climate of central Florida, including Melbourne, Florida, Cocoa, Florida and Cocoa Beach, Florida, makes the area the perfect environment for […]

13 Oct
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Naturally Repel Snakes on Your Own

When it comes to the summer, it also means that the snakes might be hanging out around your yard. This is something that you might not feel too good about. You do not want to worry about having these slithering friends just sitting there, waiting for you to accidentally step on them and have them […]

02 Sep
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What to plant in April in Florida

April is one of the busiest months for planting.  Not only can you catch up on March plantings that you might have missed, but you can also start many vegetables and fruits for your garden. Fruits In April, it’s time to plant any tropical fruits that you wish to harvest within the next few summers.  […]

22 Apr
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Planning for your spring garden!

Winter is coming to a close and spring is not too far away.  For the gardeners in the Melbourne area of Florida, thoughts are quickly turning to spring tulips, flower beds and even perhaps a vegetable garden.  Experienced gardeners know there is one stage that is extremely important in order to have a successful outside […]

10 Feb
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