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a large amount of something. in this case insects

squirrels pest?

Are Squirrels Considered a Pest?

As with many things in life, the answer to the question above is subjective. Some people just see little rodents that run around their yard while others see squirrels as their pet. Do we get calls about squirrels? Almost never. If people end up with squirrels in their attic or something they usually patch the […]

10 Jan
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bed bug bites

Resurgence in Bed Bug Cases

Bed bugs are something that people don’t pay much attention to until the are affected by them. They are so much out of the public mind’s eye that people typically tend to think they have a rash or an allergy attack when in fact they are being bitten every night by bed bugs. Bed bugs […]

30 Nov
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Florida rainy season bugs

Rain Causes Pests to Seek Shelter

Many of us Central Florida residents are wondering where the rain is this year. Here in Brevard County we are experiencing what is classified as a moderate drought. The classification falls right in between “abnormally dry” and ” severe drought”. You can see the current drought conditions for the whole state of Florida using this […]

11 May
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bigheaded ant Florida

Bigheaded Ants in Central Florida

If you have lived in Central Florida for any length of time you have probably encountered the Big Headed Ant. They are an invasive species of ant that has set up shop in our beautiful state. Bigheaded Ants belong to the genus Pheidole. They can range in color from brown to dark red, depending on the species. […]

27 Feb
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lighting outside pest control

Using Proper Exterior Lighting to Reduce Insect Infestations

As a resident of Brevard County, you are likely always looking for ways to help keep the insect population inside your home or office building to a minimum. In addition to obvious things such as reducing food supply, sealing up cracks and gaps in the building where insects may gain entry, and keeping the place […]

09 Oct
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Signs You May Have Bed Bugs this Winter

As temperatures dip down, many bug problems go away for the season. Mosquitoes are all but gone, ants go down into their holes and both wasps and bees stop harassing you for the rest of the year. This isn’t the case with bed bugs though, because they never lived outdoors to begin with. These little […]

13 Jan
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Tips for Handling an Asian Beetle Infestation

While standard ladybugs that we know and love are seen as good luck and aren’t much of a problem at all, the same can’t be said for the Asian beetle. This pest is often mistaken for a ladybug, and it’s viewed by many people as good luck. Unfortunately, the beetle reproduces quite quickly, and unlike […]

03 Jan
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Preventing Roaches from Inhabiting Your Home

The famous cockroach that strikes fear into the minds of homeowners is known to live for three to four months without any food source. However, they can only live for a short period of time without a water source. Preventing an infestation from occurring is easier said than done, as there are several ways that […]

04 May
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When is it Time to Call a Pest Control Company?

There are millions of species of insects in this world.  No one can go their entire life and not see them in and around your home.  But when is it time to call a pest control company to manage them?  The truth is that there are practical do-it-yourself ways to prevent infestations and manage wildlife […]

14 Jan
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5 Steps to Preventing a Beg Bug Infestation

Bed bugs have been making a comeback all across the world.  It is said to be caused by the increase in global travel as well as DDT no longer being used.  America has seen rampant infestations not just in hotels, but in homes, movie theaters, department stores and even libraries.  Here are some practical tips […]

08 Jan
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