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Florida Scrub Habitat

Have You Seen One of These Fuzzy Bees?

Usually our blog posts are about how you can reduce your exposure to pests or about how you can eliminate them once you are exposed. This article will be a bit different. In this article we would like to discuss two species of bee which researches are asking the general public if they have seen. […]

29 Oct
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Ghost ants in Brevard County

Ghost Ants in Florida

Have you heard of ghost ants? No, these are not spirits of deceased ants. This ant gets its nickname from the fact that half of its body is translucent. The ant appears to be an apparition. Its real name is Tapinoma melanocephalum (Fabricus). They are originally from Africa or Asia and are not native to […]

14 Dec
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pest prevention tips 2019

Spring Pest Tips for 2019

Spring is upon us. You will notice the bees on flowers and those annoying love-bugs doing their thing too. The days get a little longer, the sun gets a little warmer. This time of year activates the gene in all types of creatures. They start to search for food, mate and expand their territory. This […]

04 Mar
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squirrels pest?

Are Squirrels Considered a Pest?

As with many things in life, the answer to the question above is subjective. Some people just see little rodents that run around their yard while others see squirrels as their pet. Do we get calls about squirrels? Almost never. If people end up with squirrels in their attic or something they usually patch the […]

10 Jan
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pest control local Brevard Florida

What to Look For When You Think You Have a Pest Problem

When you have a pest problem, you may not know what to look for. This is a common issue that many homeowners throughout Florida have. When you’re wondering what those small scurrying sounds are, where those droppings came from or why there are holes in everything, then you want to know if they came from […]

23 Oct
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Rare types of pests

As we all know, there are many types of pests that we must deal with on a regular basis.  We are all familiar with ants, roaches, fleas and rodents.  Seeing these types of pests can be annoying, but we know how to take care of them.  We don’t like them, but we are not surprised […]

24 Nov
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Protect Your Brevard County Home from Palmetto Weevils

Palm Beach, Palm Bay, Palm City, palm trees.  Palm trees are a symbol of tropical weather and of Florida.  They are also a food for palmetto weevils.  The largest of all weevils in North America, the palmetto weevil is not a danger to humans.  It doesn’t poison you or sting you, but it could cause […]

14 Oct
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Everything You Need to Know About Fleas and Ticks

If you are a pet owner, then you know the importance of keeping your pet flea and tick free.  Not only are they a harmful nuisance to your beloved fur baby, they can plague you and even make you severely ill.  Most places only need to worry about these pests during the late spring and […]

15 Jul
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Are Ladybugs Helpful Bugs?

There are some people who absolutely refuse to kill ladybugs.  If they find them inside, they will gently move them outside so as not to harm them.  For more than a thousand years, ladybugs have a reputation for being “helpful” bugs.  In medieval times, ladybugs were thought to be sent from heaven in order to […]

05 Aug
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Local: Where did Ponce De Leon land?

It’s been quite the controversy for Florida historians and navigational experts.  Although legend has it that Ponce De Leon landed in St. Augustine, some people actually believe that he first landed right here in the area of Melbourne Beach.  In last year’s 500th anniversary of the landing, the controversy surpassed a local controversy and became […]

26 May
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