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a small rodent that can be found living in buildings

Mouse Infestation in Home

Why It is Important to Take Care of a Mouse Problem Right Away

When many people hear the term “house mouse” they may think of some cute little rodent depicted on a Christmas greeting card. The mouse is just raising its little family alongside of yours and everyone lives happily ever after. However, anyone who has ever had a mouse infestation can tell you its nothing like that. […]

02 Sep
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wild rodent removal

Rodent Removal and Why it is So Important

Rodents can be found in many homes throughout the country. They’re not prone to show up in one area or another. They’re likely to be almost anywhere. When it comes to removing them, a lot of people want to know why. They’re just trying to find a warm place to bring their families and sometimes […]

04 Jan
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rat problem in Palm Bay?

Pest Control for All of Your Rodent Problems

Do you have a household under constant attack from mice and rats? Confused what to do about the issue at hand? Well, here are some answers for you! Put Away the Food A big reason mice and rodents come into your house is because you have food. Step one is making sure that all your […]

12 Oct
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Why Are Mice So Difficult to Get Rid Of?

When it comes to removing mice from the home, it can become quite hard to do so yourself. You might set traps, poison, and other control measures, but most of them won’t actually work. As temperatures become cooler, mice are going to find somewhere warm for them to keep their family and feed them through […]

04 Apr
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How to Handle a Mouse Infestation

Nobody wants a house that’s infested with mice, but when it gets cold outside it’s a pretty common problem for homeowners. If you suffer from a mouse infestation, consider using the following tips and tricks to get rid of it and prevent it in the future. Block Entrances The best way to keep mice out […]

11 Nov
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Do You Have a Mouse in Your House?

Mice are a common household problem.  This isn’t because the house is dirty, but rather because it is warm, dry, safe and has a decent supply of food.  Most people find mice dirty, disgusting and might even be fearful of them (although a small percentage of the population finds the furry vermin cute).  Regardless of […]

11 Oct
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The House Mouse

Mice are cute. They have little faces that just exude adorableness, not to mention a whole company was built around one. There isn’t anyone who hasn’t heard of Mickey Mouse. They even make a fun, low maintenance pet. However, when mice enter your home and start gnawing on drywall and eating your food, it becomes […]

12 Mar
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Rodent Treatment Options in Melbourne, Florida

The fall time is when rodents begin looking for warmer places with more readily available food.  If you hear the scurrying of little feet in your attic, walls or crawl space, you may have a rodent problem.  Roof rats and mice are the most common of culprits to invade your home and claim your residence […]

30 Sep
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Mice in Indiatlantic, Florida

Mice are never a good thing to be running around in your house. They chew holes in important structure, insulation and even personal items and they carry and spread germs. Additionally they leave little mouse droppings everywhere which is not only disgusting … it’s unhealthy as particles from their droppings can become airborne and affect […]

16 Jan
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