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most common pests and how to get rid of them

The Most Common Rodents in Brevard County, FL, and How to Get Rid of Them

Although we have a soft spot in our hearts for our animal companions, we do not like it when insects and rodents enter our homes and yards. Unfortunately, rodents are a prevalent problem in Brevard County, Florida, where they wreak havoc on our land and spread illness. Mice, rats, and squirrels are the three rodent […]

28 Feb
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signs that you might have a serious ant problem

Signs You Have an Ant Infestation

An ant infestation is not easy to spot. It can be subtle, making it increasingly difficult to determine whether you have overflowing ants in the first place. This is why if you doubt that you may have an ant problem, it is highly likely you do.  While spotting rodent infestation is relatively easier, it is […]

26 Dec
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invasive lizard taking hold in Florida

Another Invasive Species – This Time It’s a Monster Lizard

Living in Florida has many benefits. The warm climate attracts many people to our beautiful state. But the same climate which makes it so nice for us also makes it a perfect habitat for most of the world’s critters & creatures as well. This means that most any animal or insect can flourish here if […]

03 Dec
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invasive snail species Florida

Invasive Species Alert – Giant African Land Snail

It seems like it is every other month where we are warning our readers about a new invasive species to Central Florida. After all, with shipping and traveling vehicles reaching every corner of the Earth, people are bound to bring back species with them whether they want to or not. Such is the case with […]

19 Jul
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roaches in Brevard County Florida

You May Have Roaches and Not Know It

Roaches lurk in dark hiding spaces and wait until human activity is at a lull before they come out to feed. That is why the famous cliche scene on TV exists where the lady comes out for a midnight snack, flips on the lights and starts screaming when she sees a huge cockroach. Even if […]

05 Aug
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birds in the attic

Birds in the Attic

You’re laying in bed. Maybe you’re reading or just enjoying the silence when you hear a scratching sound. Or you a hear a commotion that is muffled and maybe even a squawk. You study where where the sound emanated from and you realize it is in the attic. Chances are you have birds. There are […]

12 Oct
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