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Treating Your Home for Millipede Infestations

An insect that stays out of sight during the day, but can easily make their way into your home is a millipede. Infestations normally do not occur until the weather becomes colder. For this reason, they seem to be more prominent in areas with warmer climates such as Brevard County Florida, and its surrounding sunny locations.

Millipedes are similar to a caterpillar as it has a long slender body, but it does not have hairs like many caterpillars do. One common feature of a millipede, that helps to recognize it, is the seemingly endless amount of legs that they have. Their bodies are separated into segments and each segment is said to have two pairs, or four legs, each.

Where Do Millipedes Bunker Down?

For homes and businesses that use mulch, have flower beds, or wood piles, millipedes may be present underneath these things. They prefer damp locations that are dark and hidden away, making them extremely difficult to see. Some homeowners do not realize that they have a pest problem until they begin to see the millipedes in numbers within their home. During the colder months and when heavy rains hit, millipedes are known to migrate into homes, away from their old nesting areas. They can enter through any cracks or crevices within doors, windows, and even small holes that may have been left by previous post’s.

The Best Method of Ridding Your Home of Millipedes

There are plenty of ways that you can get rid of a single, or a few, millipedes. The vacuum cleaner can suck them up and help you to dispose of them outdoors. However, sometimes there are too many in the home and the time it would take to fully clean the home out is more than you’re willing to put forth. Therefore, the best method of ridding your home of millipedes is to hire a professional exterminator.

Although millipedes are not very dangerous, there are still a few dangers that homeowners must consider. Some millipedes have glands that produce fluids that could cause an allergic reaction, while others can produce sprays that are made up of hydrochloric acid. As most people know, this acid can cause burns on the skin that result in skin discoloration. It is highly unlikely that this will occur, but the risks are still there. An exterminator can help to eliminate these dangers and creatures from your home and surrounding yard. They are the quickest and safest method of exterminating millipedes.

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