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How to remove a tick

How to Safely Remove a Tick With a Cotton Swab

The parasite known as a tick is one which has spread throughout the entire United States. It stays alive by latching on to a mammal and literally drinking its blood for nourishment. Parasites like the tick could be considered a minor nuisance at except for the fact that these insects can spread very serious diseases which result in illness and even death.

Brevard County Florida is just like any county in the southern United States in regards to its hot summers and virulent pest activity.  If you spend any significant amount of time outdoors, hiking, in the weeds or woods, you will run across a tick at some point.  If you are lucky you will catch it before it has latched onto your skin. But if you catch it after it has already fixed itself to you there are safe ways to remove it.

You will want to remove the tick as soon as possible and not just yank it off. Of course, your instincts are probably telling you that.  In this article we want to tell you about the cotton swab trick.  Take the cotton swab and swirl it around the tick while gently pulling on the ticks body. The tick may unlatch itself from you and then latch onto the cotton swap. This method has been proven to work for a lot of people.

Next, clean the bite with soap and water or alcohol. If the tick didn’t come out on its own and there are remnants of the tick left behind in your skin, grab a pair of tweezers and manually remove the parts.

It is important to keep an eye on the bite afterward. If you notice a bullseye pattern around the bite seek medical professional help. Ticks can carry something called Lyme disease and various other diseases.  It is important not to panic if you are bitten by a tick. This happens to millions of people every year. Keep an eye on the bite and consult a medical professional.

Diseases that can be Transmitted by Ticks

Lyme Disease.
Powassan Virus Disease.
Borrelia miyamotoi Disease.
Borrelia mayonii Disease.
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF)


20 Jun

2 responses to “How to Safely Remove a Tick With a Cotton Swab”

  1. Robert says:

    This looks dubious. Why in the world would a tick let go of the host it is already latched onto and sucking blood from, to move to a cotton swab?

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