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Pests in Bags

Odd Spots Where Pests Can Hide

The common pest is much smaller than us. They are so small that the human eye doesn’t even pick them up unless you are very close to them (and sometimes not at all). This makes it very hard to spot them as they scurry around in your home. Not to mention the fact that some pests have a built in survival instinct to only move when it is dark or when there are no ground vibrations (caused by a walking human).

In this article we want to point out some of the strange spots where you may find pests that you would never think to. These observations are based on our 40+ years in the business and our hundreds of thousands of man hours in the profession.

Stuffed Animals

Yes, it is tragic to think that your child’s play thing may also be a playground for pests. The most common type of pest which makes its way into stuffed animals are bed bugs. Other types of lice and tiny parasites may also try to make a stuffed animal their new home.

Electrical Outlets

I know… what!? But think about it like this: your electrical outlet in set in a hole in the wall. Tiny gaps in and around the outlet may just be large enough for small insects to make their way in. And the wiring from this outlet connects to the main circuit breaker. These pathways in the walls are a perfect network of paths for pests.

Handbags, Purses & Backpacks

A purse or backpack sitting by itself may prove to be a nice dark shelter for a scurrying pest. They then unknowingly hitch a ride with you back to your home. The types of bugs which can be found in purses or backpacks range from beetles to ants to lice and roaches. And if there are old food crumbs floating around in your bag the pest just hit the jackpot. Fleas and ants are the most common “hitchhikers” in bags.

Storage Boxes

This isn’t really an odd place to find a pest but whenever you open your old storage box and see a roach or other insect scatter your natural reaction may be shock and horror. This is where the good old “moth ball” comes into play. The little chemical ball doesn’t just repel moths. The fumes keep away most living organisms.

Pest Control and Maintenance

If you have had enough of living with pests and live in Brevard County, St. Cloud or Kissimmee, please contact us and we can come by and give you a free estimate. Pests are what we do. And we can have them gone from your life in no time.

29 Mar

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