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common household pest insects usually brown in color, with long antennae and legs; American roach, the German roach and the Smoky Brown roach are the most common species in Florida

Melbourne Florida

Most Common Pests in Melbourne Florida

Melbourne is the largest city in Brevard County. Its area encompasses the areas known as West Melbourne, Melbourne proper and the area known as Eau Gallie, which used to be its on town until it merged with Melbourne in 1969. The city sits right on the Indian River to the east and has many smaller […]

18 Jan
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DIY Roaches

DIY Roach Remedies

Not everybody wants to jump on the phone and hire a professional pest control agent whenever they realize they have a roach problem. We understand this. Sometimes, they want to give it a shot on their own. They have the time and patience it takes to try roach control measures and to learn by trial […]

02 Dec
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Florida Pest company

Pest Control Specialists in Brevard County, FL Talk About Problematic Roaches

Does it annoy you to continually see cockroaches lurking around your house? Have you tried several strategies to get rid of them? Give these ideas a few tries and see if the problem does not dissipate. Where are They Hiding? Cockroaches are found in the walls, under the sick and anywhere they can get into. […]

13 Oct
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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches for Good

There are few pests more pervasive or annoying than cockroaches. They can live on nearly any type of material and survive in a wide range of conditions. Once you have them in your home, you’ll have to work very hard to finally get rid of them. If you have these pests living in your house, […]

10 Nov
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Controlling Cockroaches in a Commercial Environment

Cockroaches are an unpleasant sight to see, and you generally do not want them anywhere near your home or office. However, if you run a food service business or any other business for that matter, and you find that they’re around the area then you need to find ways to remove them. This is increasingly […]

16 Aug
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All about the palmetto bug

Ask 100 different people what the most dreaded insect infestation is in Florida and you’ll get a resounding answer of “the palmetto bug”.  The palmetto bug, also known as the water bug, is a species of bug that can be found all over Florida. Are they cockroaches? The answer is usually – they are the […]

11 Sep
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