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Cocoa is a city in Central East coast Florida right south of Cape Canaveral

What Can a Pest control Specialist Offer Me?

If you live in Florida, you’ve dealt with pests. Whether of the insect variety or the animal variety, it’s impossible to avoid. One day one of the common pests of Florida will get you. They’ll invade your house, your yard, your garage, or all of the above. Fortunately, you have the internet and you will […]

06 Feb
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Are There Pests in Cocoa, Florida?

Well now, that question can be answered a few ways, but regardless of whether the pests you refer to are human or otherwise, the answer is yes. We have pests in Cocoa, Florida. What you do with those pests depends on what kind of pest you are referring to. Since we are a pest control […]

30 Jan
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Call Pest Control for Your Snake Woes

While some people don’t mind snakes, there is a large majority that harbor the same feelings toward them as Indiana Jones, and would rather not have them around.  There are 45 species of snakes in Florida, six of them venomous.  Many of these snakes reside in Melbourne and the surrounding areas of Cocoa and Cocoa […]

27 Sep
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Kick the Ticks in Cocoa

Ticks have become a real issue for so many, and when it comes to being in warmer areas with taller grass; they are even more abundant and troublesome. Ticks are nasty, can carry bad diseases and cause an assortment of issues for people and animals that are trying to live around them. We can provide […]

05 Aug
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What Exactly is Pollinator Health and Why is it Important?

Much discussed, and rarely spoken about; pollinator health is actually quite important to the environment and everyone that lives in it. Bees that pollinate the flowers and other plants around where you live are important to have. In order to provide us with the herbs, food items, spices and medicine that we use on a […]

06 Jul
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What if You Unpack Bed Bugs from Your Summer Vacation?

Summer vacations are always a great time to spend with family, relax and unwind. However, what are you going to do if you bring home the bed bugs from the vacation destination? Bed bugs have become a real issue for many travelers, since they can easily be found in many of the camping, resort and […]

27 Jun
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Keeping a Pest Free Crawlspace

The crawlspace underneath your home is the gateway for many pests to welcome themselves into your home. There are air ducts, pipes, wiring, and several other areas in the crawlspace that will allow rodents, and other pests, easy access and mobility. The best way to avoid having to hire a pest control professional to eradicate […]

08 Jun
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