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FL hawk and how to repel them

Preventing Hawks from Entering Your Yard

Hawks are not typically considered a traditional pest. But people with small dogs and other small pets definitely should consider them so. A hawk or other bird of prey can swoop into your yard and nab a small dog in just a few seconds. People who lose small dogs often think it ran away but […]

28 Dec
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Pest control - mouse

How Do You Define a Pest?

As a pest control company, we have been called to handle most any and every annoyance you can think of in regards to wildlife and bugs. Most of the time we are able to provide a service and a plan which will eliminate a person’s trouble. If the problem is something out of the scope […]

02 Jul
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Pest Control for your pets

Pests that Affect Your Cats and Dogs

According to the Washington Post, 68% of households have a cat or dog. Some have both. In this article we want to name the pests that affect your furry buddy the most. Which pests are most harmful to your faithful companion? Fleas Fleas absolutely love cat and dog fur. The flea is able to live […]

09 Jun
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Are Pest Control Service Companies Safe?

When you think of using chemicals to kill insects or a company removing pests from your property, you may cringe a little inside.  Are the chemicals they use safe?  How do these treatments affect my family I work hard to protect?  Do the insects suffer?  Are the pests humanely removed?  Yes, you want them to […]

10 Nov
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It’s Hurricane Season – Again!

About six months ago, experts from the Global Weather Oscillations (GWO) predicted an extremely active and dangerous hurricane season this year.  However, more recent predictions from the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and The Weather Channel are exactly the opposite.  These experts are stating they believe we will have a quieter than normal season […]

05 Jun
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Exotic Pets Surrendered

In April of 2015, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission hosted an Exotic Pet Amnesty Day in Melbourne at the Wickham Park Pavilion.  This was the second year and the event was considered a rousing success.  Although only 34 animals were surrendered in last year’s event, that number was met in the first hour […]

06 May
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Falling Iguanas in Florida

People come to Florida in the winter for many reasons. They love the sunny weather, mild winters and outdoor activities that we enjoy all year round.  During the 2014/2015 winter, the Farmer’s Almanac predicts that most of Florida will have colder than normal temperatures.  And when temperatures drop below 40, so do the iguanas and […]

17 Nov
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How to adopt an exotic pet

Ever wanted to own a boa constrictor?  Or how about becoming some homeless prairie dog’s human mom or dad?  If you’ve ever had interest in owning an exotic pet, you need to check out Florida’s Exotic Pet Amnesty Program. What is it? This program, run by Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee, is designed to […]

03 Oct
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