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tiny insects that live in heavy bushes and around shaded areas that are heavily-vegetated; ticks feed on blood of people and animals

Lonestar tick and Heartland virus

Heartland Virus – New Tick-borne Disease in Southern USA

These days it seems like viruses are all anyone can talk about. This, of course, is because the world was rattled with an epidemic called the Cov-19 virus. That particular virus is spread human to human. In this article we will be discussing the new “Heartland Virus”. It is a disease which gets into humans […]

13 Jun
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Map of Lone Star Tick

Lone Star Tick in Florida Causes Meat Allergy

You may have heard something about people developing an allergy to meat after getting bit by a tick. Perhaps some people reading this think it is malarkey. Unfortunately, I am here today to tell you otherwise. The meat allergy caused by a tick bite is real. In this article I will go over what the […]

29 Oct
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new tick in USA

New Species of Tick Spreading Through United States

Once thought of as a mild annoyance, the tick has shown itself to be very dangerous to humans and animals in recent decades. A tick “borrowing” some of your blood to live on is the least of your concerns when it comes to these parasites. They carry diseases that can drastically change the life of […]

11 Feb
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tick parasite

Stay Away from Ticks This Summer

Keeping yourself away from ticks is always an ideal thing to do. Not only can these little bugs carry diseases, but they can mean a lot of other problems for the host that is carrying them. Keep in mind, humans are not the only ones that they can attach to and infect. Pets and other […]

27 Aug
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Kick the Ticks in Cocoa

Ticks have become a real issue for so many, and when it comes to being in warmer areas with taller grass; they are even more abundant and troublesome. Ticks are nasty, can carry bad diseases and cause an assortment of issues for people and animals that are trying to live around them. We can provide […]

05 Aug
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The Importance of Tick Removal in Central Florida

If you live in central Florida or in pretty much any non-arctic location you’ll have to deal with ticks at some point. Ticks are external parasites which make their home in vegetation and wait to latch on to unsuspecting people or animals in the hope of finding a free meal. Ticks are very small and […]

04 Dec
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