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an establishment that exists for the purpose of serving customers (or clients) in order to make money

invasive termites Brevard County FL

Invasive Termites in Brevard County Florida

If you live in beautiful Brevard County Florida, you have become accustomed to the great warm weather, beaches and natural trails with all the wildlife that entails. If you live in Titusville, Rockledge, Melbourne or all the way down towards Vero, you have also probably run across some of Florida’s most pesky critters as well. […]

05 Apr
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pest control assisted living facility

Assisted Living Pest Control

We often write our blogs about pest control as pertaining to apartment buildings, homes or business spaces. One type of living space often not mentioned by pest control articles is assisted living complexes. These buildings offer their own unique set of challenges for those looking to control pests. In this article we will go over […]

20 Dec
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Pest control restaurant Brevard County

Pest Control at Your Business or Restaurant

If you are running a business in which customers visit the premises, having good pest control is a must. In fact, it should be considered as important to your business as having running water or electricity. In the age of social media and Google search, it only take one bad inspection or one customer run-in […]

05 Apr
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Restaurant pest control Brevard County Melbourne

Protecting Your Restaurant from Pests

As well as treating many homes in Brevard County, Sunstate Pest also treats a large number of businesses as well. One type of business in particular is especially attractive to pests. Restaurants are a beacon for any living organism. The place offers shelter, food and water. As the temperatures can creep down into the 30’s […]

28 Jan
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When is it Time to Call a Pest Control Company?

There are millions of species of insects in this world.  No one can go their entire life and not see them in and around your home.  But when is it time to call a pest control company to manage them?  The truth is that there are practical do-it-yourself ways to prevent infestations and manage wildlife […]

14 Jan
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Preparing for Fall in Florida

As the beautiful Florida temperature starts to drop in September and October, we can expect to see an increasing number of bugs and pests seeking shelter indoors.  These can include spiders, cockroaches, and rodents.  By December or January, many are hunkered down for the winter, so it’s important to do some maintenance now in order […]

09 Sep
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Local Kissimmee business featured in USA today

Out of all the souvenir shops in all the world, USA Today decided to feature one of our own as one of the ten best places to buy souvenirs.  Known sometimes as the “world’s largest orange”, Eli’s Orange World made the cut at spot number seven. Local residents know this place very well, but for […]

27 Jun
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Melbourne Business News – May 2014

The month of May has certainly brought exciting business news to Melbourne residents.  These include everything from new businesses moving into Melbourne to new government contracts to local parks.  Read on to get a little more detail. MC Assembly creating new facility in Melbourne’s technology business hub MC Assembly, an electronics manufacturing services provider, based […]

07 Jun
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What to Look For in a Pest Control Company

In the Kissimmee-St Cloud area of Florida, there are two groups of people:  those that have needed professional pest control and those that will need professional pest control. If you’ve never had need of pest control, you can count yourself lucky for the time being, but know that you’re definitely in the minority.  So – […]

14 Mar
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