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Rockledge is a city in Brevard County, Florida, the United States of America. It sits in central Brevard county and is bordered by the city of Cocoa to the north, the city of Viera to the south, Orange and Osceola counties to the west and the Indian River on the east side.

Pest Control for your pets

Pests that Affect Your Cats and Dogs

According to the Washington Post, 68% of households have a cat or dog. Some have both. In this article we want to name the pests that affect your furry buddy the most. Which pests are most harmful to your faithful companion? Fleas Fleas absolutely love cat and dog fur. The flea is able to live […]

09 Jun
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Pest control during coronavirus

Pest Control During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We have all been on self isolation or practicing social distancing in an effort to prevent this COVID-19 virus from spreading to ourselves and our loved ones. Many businesses have shuttered their doors or have sent their employees to work from home. People are at home much more now than ever before and that means […]

23 Mar
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ivory billed woodpecker

How to Stop a Woodpecker from Knocking on Your House

Florida is home to various species of woodpecker. They are often looked at as harmless species that attract some fascination by humans. They are pretty birds and are a favorite of many birdwatchers. But, what happens when a woodpecker decides to start knocking on your house? Why is it doing that? How can you stop […]

13 May
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orchid show at Brevard County FL

Upcoming Events in Brevard County Florida

Even though our profession is to alleviate pest problems, our number goal is to serve Brevard County. We love our community and hope you do too. In this post we will list some of the upcoming public events for the local area. We hope to see you there! May 2, 2019 The Illusionists Live from […]

01 May
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green grass after pest treatment

Despite Your Best Efforts Your Lawn Has Dead Patches

We have run into this question many times: “I fertilize, weed, water and cut my grass regularly, so why do I have dead patches in it?”. Most probably it is because of insect activity below the surface. These bugs can really prevent you from having the beautiful lawn that you want. Lawn Pests can also […]

07 Mar
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ray scott live titusville florida

Local Events and Happenings

Brevard is a beautiful slice of Florida and being a service to our community for 38 years makes us proud. Many of our fellow residents take pride in our area as well and they show it by providing local entertainment and events. We figured for this blog we would get away from the business of […]

25 May
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Professional Methods for Removing Cockroaches

A lot of times, homeowners will come to the professionals stating that they’ve tried to remove the cockroaches on their own with over the counter methods, only to find that they come back even worse. This is when a professional is called in. Not only do they want all of them gone, but they want […]

31 Mar
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Different Variations of Cockroaches

There is more than one type of cockroach that you can find out there. In Florida, there are a handful of different types that can be seen. Many of them can live in the homes of humans, causing a lot of problems. When you find that you have a cockroach infestation, it could be from […]

06 Mar
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Ants and the Warm Weather: There is an End to Your Guests

Uninvited guests are not something you want if they’re going to come in and cause problems. This is what an unwanted ant infestation is going to do inside your home when they invite themselves over and never want to leave. Ants can get into a lot of the food items throughout the kitchen, ruining them […]

23 Feb
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Termites? Time to Call Pest Control

Termites are a small insect, but they can do immeasurable damage in a very short amount of time.  They love munching on wood, but wood is not the only thing that attracts them to your home.  Termites can go unnoticed for years, and as such, it’s difficult to assess the damage when you happen across […]

25 Oct
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