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St. Cloud is a city in Osceola County, Florida, United States. It is located south of Kissimmee and Orlando, east of Lakeland, and west of Melbourne.

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The Areas We Serve

Sunstate Pest has been going strong for over 40 years and that is because of our great customers in the Brevard County area. Without them our business would not have thrived as it has. In this article, we would like to list the areas we cover with a brief description of each area. Rockledge Florida […]

08 Feb
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Roaches and Water

Just a Little Water Can Invite Roaches

Cockroaches are nature’s most persistent scavenger insect. In fact, the cockroach has been on Earth a staggering 300 million years. They live everywhere on Earth except Antarctica. There are over 4600 species of this insect. So, what makes them so plentiful? The cockroach is built like a machine. It’s dome-like exoskeleton makes it extremely tough […]

21 Oct
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flying termites

Why Do Some Termites Have Wings?

If you are a homeowner you probably know some information about termites. You are aware of the damage they can do and you are probably aware that preventative measures must be taken in order to keep them from attacking your home. Heaven forbid you have ever have an infestation. But if you have, you may […]

29 Sep
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Pest control during coronavirus

Pest Control During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We have all been on self isolation or practicing social distancing in an effort to prevent this COVID-19 virus from spreading to ourselves and our loved ones. Many businesses have shuttered their doors or have sent their employees to work from home. People are at home much more now than ever before and that means […]

23 Mar
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home pest Florida St. Cloud

When to Contact a Pest Professional

Homeowners frequently attempt to try and manage pest problems on their own; however, the fact is that the majority of pests are best left to a pest professional. These experts have the training, knowledge, and tools needed to safely as well as efficiently exterminate pest infestations. Often when homeowners treat a pest problem by themselves, […]

03 Feb
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pest control mayfly

Mayfly Infestation Problems

Mayflies are not related to any true flies, such as a housefly. True flies have one set of wings, whereas, mayflies have two pairs. There are several species of mayflies. These slender insects are sometimes small at only 1 mm while others are up to 30 mm. Color varies in mayflies’ species, with most having […]

22 Jan
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What to do When You Find Termite Damage

Living in the Melbourne, FL area, we have a higher population of insects due to the tropical weather.  There are no hard freezes to help keep populations down.  This includes the destructive species of termites.  Termites pose a direct threat to your home.  Knowing how to find termite damage, and what to do if you […]

17 Jul
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Local News: New Charter School in the St. Cloud Area

The St. Cloud Preparatory Academy is opening its doors for the 2014/2015 school season. This K-8 school will be located at the corner of Budinger Avenue and Nolte Road and will be able to enroll up to 600 students.  Not only will the school focus on academic development, but they have plans for plenty of […]

18 Jun
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Local: St. Cloud Florida Five great things to do this summer!

Summer is fast approaching!  Kids are out of school and people are scheduling their vacation days to enjoy beautiful St. Cloud!  If you’re wondering what to do in St. Cloud this summer, here are a few suggestions to help you 1. Take an airboat tour!  In 2012, city officials announced that Wild Florida Airboats was […]

28 May
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Guarding our Furry Children against Fleas

Our pets are not just animals that take up space in our home. Our pets are family.  Their health and well-being are extremely important and just like we would take care that our human children are doing well, we also want to make sure our furry children are also doing well. One of the things […]

09 Apr
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